Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sunday seems like an eternity ago, but the experience of serving and celebrating are still fresh in my mind. A bit chilly and windy but the warm personalities and big hearts of every volunteer made the experience both pleasant and productive. In classic Guts Church fashion, the church really took care of the volunteers with lunch and dinner which provided a great environment to keep building those relationships.

Seeing what a mass of humanity can do with organization and purpose is mind blowing. It's times like this you realize why God designed the church as a body of believers and not just individuals contributing independently. Effectiveness really comes from the entire body contributing a little, rather than a few contributing the majority. It's awesome to see everyone at Guts Church doing their share.

If you have not taken the opportunity to serve, do it! Although you will be helping people in our community, I think you will receive the greater reward. Don't miss out on doing something great for God, for your community, your church and yourself.

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