Friday, April 10, 2009

My Friday Top 10

My top ten Servolution moments from Friday.

10 Putting your flesh under and choosing to serve when your body wants to stay in bed
9 "I'm riding in Rodger's truck for safety reasons"
8 Eating a meal with some great friends before descending on the other side of town
7 Aj's natural adaptation to certain parts of town
6 Steve or Johnny should not be in charge of the map
5 Seven year olds putting crack pipes in the trash after finding "garbage" in the yard.
4 People knowing who we are and very excited to see us come back after only one week of serving their neighborhood.
3 Finding a snake in the grass and scaring the pants off others
2 Spontaneously taking over a cul de sac yard work and ministry, why not?!
1 Praying with underprivileged children to make Jesus the Lord of their lives.