Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sub30 Servolution

Last night, April 1st, Sub30 kicked off Servolution in a major way here in Tulsa. We went out and hit it hard in three areas- One group tackled our Graffiti Challenge, and painted an entire underpass in 20 minutes! Another group went and threw a pizza party/ talent show for kids living at a shelter here in town in between foster homes, and the last crew delivered loads of pizzas, donuts and blankets to the downtown YMCA and the nearby courtyard where homeless people gather to sleep.

Crowds of homeless people were prayed for and loved on, and kids at the shelter made dozens of new friends.

One man I talked to downtown received some great warm blankets and even a pair of new kicks- and he walked away saying, "God really is good..."


Day 1 Down- Bring it on Tulsa, Servolution can't be stopped!


  1. Let it be known that no team on earth can paint over graffiti like our team. And yes... that is an open challenge! Ha.
    Pray it dont spray it,

  2. I saw the video - but I would love to see photo graphical proof of THE Gibb Wingate painting graffiti.