Friday, April 3, 2009

Servolution Doesn't Finish on Easter!

Some of you may or may not know that the GYCNorth Skate Competition is just over a week away on April 13... yes, the Monday after Easter! It's going to be a huge event to follow up Servolution! Not only will it draw skaters from all over Tulsa and the surrounding areas, but we have just confirmed that the band, FireFlight will be performing. You may not recognize the name of the band, but click on the link below to see the re-cap of their recent Winter X-Games performance and you will know exactly who they are. It is a very big deal in the Skiatook community and it's going to be huge. No one has put this much effort into serving and bringing life into their community as Guts Church is. As you are with your teams for Servolution, please get the word out as there is only 1 week to make sure everyone knows! Event details are as follows so that you can answer any questions. Fliers and posters will be available soon so please feel free to get them and take them into the community and hang them up where you can! It's gonna be AWESOME!
GYCN Skate Competition:

  • Monday, April 13

  • Skating begins at 6

  • Service and Concert begins at 7

  • Skate Competition Finals to begin after service

  • 6th - 12th Grades ONLY

  • Youth Groups welcome

  • Bus runs from Tulsa at 5:30 from GYC Pk Lot

  • Free Event!

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