Sunday, April 5, 2009

first blog ever.

today i enter a new world of me. blogging. this should be fun. 

day 1// servolution tulsa is ON!

if you don't know what servolution is already... you are WAY out of the loop. you need in. i wanna tell you to sign up at because that's what i've telling everyone and their dog lately... but for you... just show up. we'll get you hooked up. 

the servolution tulsa command center is at Guts Church. 9120 e. broken arrow expressway. see you soon. 

for those of you who do know what servolution is... it's way bigger than you think.  today is day 3 and we've already accomplished way more than we thought we would. i thought i was thinking huge... and i am blown away. there are several people uploading pics/vids/etc throughout everyday of this thing. check it all out. forward it on to your co-workers... let people know what awesome things are happening in the world around them. give them a reason to //HOPE. 

one day at at a time... this is how we change the world. 

livin the life.


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