Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sub30 cannot be stopped!

SUB30’s outreaches went GREAT last night. We sent out 8 different teams, and together accomplished some amazing feats. Combined, we took food to the homeless, the downtown YMCA, a local trailer park, 6 hospitals, the Cancer Treatment Center, 13 fire stations, 3 police stations, and 1 radio station. AMAZING! 6 different teams hit the hospitals and fire/police stations, and every single captain said they were enthusiastically received- People were so appreciative.

I went to the Cancer Treatment Center with Harold King, John Coggins and Danielle Wood- They were so blessed we came by. Rhonda, the head supervisor, personally gave us a tour of the facility, and kept telling us she couldn’t believe we were really bringing coffee and donuts with no agenda. The fire station in Jenks was awesome, three trucks were just getting back from calls and they were so excited to see us. Several of them were Sub30-age, so it was awesome to reach out to them. We want to do more for the firemen of Tulsa! Elisha’s Hospital crew had a few boxes of donuts left over, so they went over to 106.9 KHits to drop them off, and ended up being interviewed on the Late Show!!!! It was incredible. Chris Dennis and Moriah Chinnock were on the air, and did a great job explaining Servolution and why we are doing what we are doing. The DJ’s joked around with them and talked for at least 5 minutes on air- It was great.

Sub30 was made for Servolution- Stay tuned because there is a LOT more where that came from.

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