Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Did You Prepare For A Prosperous Day?

I (Kim Siex) have said that the most dangerous part of a person's life is not necessarily the speed bumps they encounter in life. Most often it is the smooth road between the speed bumps that lure us to sleep and we don't "feel" like we need God to intervene or even guide or direct our steps.

That time when everyone's healthy, money's in the bank and you're feelin' great and our eyes turn from God to us. After all, God is there when I need a panic button, right?

The Word says, "Without faith, it is impossible to please God". Therefore, faith is something we are to use every day. We develop our faith, by reading, believing, speaking and renewing DAILY. We must activate our faith when our feet hit the floor every morning and prepare for a prosperous day.

If we were going fishing, we would grab the tackle box and poles. If we were going hunting, we would grab the ammo and the guns. When a surgeon performs surgery, he studies the patient, assembles a team and acquires the instruments in preparation for successful surgery.

Do you leave the house empty handed today?

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