Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It never stops here at THE Guts Church! Servolution is only half way over and so much serving is left to do! Actually, how can we say it's half way over because new things are on the horizon already and this revolution of serving is never gonna stop! Easter Sunday might just be the biggest day of services Guts Church has EVER seen! Wait, let's back up.... Today, we served lunch to all the area businesses surrounding the campus. We made lots of new friends and they were very excited to be there.... Tomorrow we... well just look at the calendar! Tons left to do!

I am on the edge of my seat for Easter! The greatest day ever will be celebrated in full force here at Guts. You will have to show up to see the great things to be unveiled on this awesome day. Oh, and a little secret... FireFlight will be performing as part of the 6pm service! They will be coming in early just for us! They were just scheduled for the GYC North Skate Competition but think that Guts is a great place to spend Easter! Check them out at and make sure you are here on Sunday! See you then!

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