Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sub30 Servolution is a SUCCESS!!!

Sub30 Servolution was incredible last night!

We mobilized 8 teams all over Tulsa-

The first group of 6 teams visited hospitals, fire stations, and police stations and delivered coffee and donuts to the night staff. Everyone was so appreciative and excited about our Easter service, and we even went to Bill Feeler's station while he happened to be on duty, so it was a cool opportunity to prove the claims Bill makes about our church being amazing. One team ended up taking coffee and donuts to the 106.9 K-hits DJ's working the late shift, and Chris Dennis and Moriah Chinnock got 5 minutes of airtime to just talk about Servolution and the church and Sub30's role in impacting our community!

The second team went to feed the homeless downtown and visit people at the YMCA: Nick Miller and Sarah Tucker led that team and again we encountered nothing but overwhelming thanks and appreciation... We are beginning to create a consistency and the people are noticing that we have been around for a few weeks- and we don't intend on going anywhere :)

Jen Teehee led the charge on the last team who went out to a trailer park to pass out pizza and candy to the kids, and plant some seed for our outreach on Saturday. The kids we spoke to were very excited that we were coming on Saturday and promised to be there with all their friends! It was a great opportunity to cover the place in prayer and expect big things this weekend.

It's an honor to serve, and I am so excited for this direction we as a church have taken to make God's love famous! This is the start of a culture for Sub30 and our church, so make sure you don't sit on sidelines and wish you would have done more... Be intentional with your life and your service!

See you Saturday!!

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