Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Servolution Book

Pastor Dino Rizzo has released his book "Servolution" Pastor Bill Sent Pastor Dino the question below regarding the book.

Bill Scheer: It's funny, this book and the culture it can create has been amazing in our community (Tulsa). Do you have a sequel in mind to add to the momentum?

Dino Rizzo: Bill, you and the whole team up there at Guts Church have been simply amazing allies in this journey. Thank you for your friendship and partnership in servolution.

I’m excited about what God is already doing with the book and we were completely blown away by what He did with 7 Days of Servolution. What’s even more exciting to me though, is how God is steering us into the future with Servolution. We’ve got plans in the works to produce a small group curriculum to go with the book. The website is quickly becoming a hub of idea-sharing and a place where churches can connect the dots with each other, building relationship and partnership in servolution.

And, we’ve just started to work out some of the concept for a September nation-wide focus on Servolution and a 10-day servolution event leading up to Easter 2010.

That’s what’s ahead for Servolution - that, and engaging every day with our communities and the poor and needy all around us.

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